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An Advisor Partner Program bringing Comprehensive Halal Wealth Management Solutions to Your Clients









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Enabling advisors to offer their clients financial products from the ShariaPortfolio menu.

With over 1 million Muslims in Canada representing 3.2% of the nations population, by 2030 Muslims are expected to make up 6.6% of Canada’s total population with the fastest growing value-driven population in Canada. Non-Muslims will also be attracted to Sharia-compliant Investing affirming ethical, socially responsible and environmentally conscious investing. ShariaPortfolio offers an institutional service to financial advisors wishing to provide their clients with Sharia-compliant investment solutions including ETFs and Stocks. We also partner with investment companies seeking experienced and successful Sharia-compliant advisors to manage their funds. Our advisor partners retain their clients.

How It Works

Advisor Partners retain their clients and are able to offer financial products from the ShariaPortfolio menu. ShariaPortfolio shares with Advisor Partners up to 50% of the advisory fees it collects.

Benefits for advisor partners:

  • Provide differentiated solutions to your Clients seeking Halal and Socially Responsible Investment Solutions
  • Broaden your professional network to grow introductions and referrals
  • Establish market differentiation in a competitive environment
  • Create new streams of revenue by participating in ShariaPortfolio advisory fees
  • Expand client base by offering niche Halal investment services to Investors

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