Introduction to ShariaPortfolio Canada

This video is an introduction to ShariaPortfolio Canada and the beginning of a series of videos we intend to produce relating to Sharia-compliant investment topics.

The 101 of Halal and Value Investing

This webinar covers ShariaPortfolio’s investment philosophy, sharia-compliance, portfolio planning, our advisor team, types of services and how to get started on your halal investing journey. 

Presenters: Nadeem Mian, CFA, Portfolio Manager and Nabil Khan, Sharia/Finance Specialist

The Story of Ibrahim (AS): planning, sacrifice, family and the future

The story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is one of submission, sacrifice, love for family and planning for future generations. We all remember and commemorate his great sacrifice every year, but do we understand the deeper message of Prophet Ibrahim (AS)?
Speaker:  Sh. Daood Butt, Director of Education & Community Outreach at ICCM, Milton, ON. 

Passive or Active: Which strategy is best for you?

What is your investment strategy? Passive or Active? ETFs or Stocks? Which strategy is best for you and what will work in the current market? Let’s help you get to the bottom of these questions and on top of your financial goals.

Presenter: Nadeem Mian, CFA, Portfolio Manager, ShariaPortfolio 

Understanding Halal and Value Investing by ShariaPortfolio Canada

Learn how the stock market works, what’s value investing, how sharia compliance works and how to get started on your halal investing journey with ShariaPortfolio. 

Presenter: Naushad Virji, CEO, ShariaPortfolio

Finance and Investing Opportunities in a COVID-19 World

An in depth discussion on the current economic environment:
– Relief and incentives for businesses
– Tax implications
– The investing climate, where are the opportunities?
– Investment and your financial preparedness

Presenters: Nadeem Mian, Portfolio Manager, Sharia Portfolio and Jaweria Haisum, CPA, J-MAK CPA

Wills and Powers of Attorney: Protect your Family, Preserve your Property

Wills and Powers of Attorney are a vital part of prudent planning. We will explain how to protect minor and other beneficiaries through testamentary trusts and careful appointments in the Will. We will also learn how to hold property or structure Wills in order to defer or avoid estate administration (probate) taxes. We will also highlight other key areas of concern, including potential foreign estate taxes and Islamic law issues.

Moderator: Nadeem Mian CFA, Portfolio Manager, SHariaPortfolio Presenter: Ibrahim Danial, Attorney-at-Law

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